We are all about

We are shopkeepers.  We have all worked in the retail industry for most or all of our careers and are passionate about it.  

That's why we created a retail specific innovation process that builds on our experience implementing them, and the examples set by some of the best retailers globally.

We care about     making permanent change.

Innovation is not about a once off thing.  It isn’t something that can be handed to a design firm or a tech company.  They do bits of it, but a bright and shiny piece of tech or a new store format is not a proxy for true innovation.


True innovation is a repeatable, specific process that constantly evolves your business.

We know it's about more than a

Innovation is hard in any industry, but it has an extra degree of difficulty in retail because of the short term mentality and day-to-day focus on running shop that is embedded in retailers' DNA.

That is why innovation must be about culture and leadership as much as it is a process and a set of projects.

We are objective and measured to reduce risk.

The comfort of the old style and tools of retail is quickly vanishing.  Innovation is the new safe zone. But it can feel risky.

That is why we use behavioural and data evidence to deliver innovation within the “golden rule”: innovation is about alignment with purpose, incremental customer value and incremental return to the business.

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